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Employer Branding

An Employer Brand is a key business asset. Developed correctly and implemented with skill, it can give your business a real persona to prospective employees, position you as an employer of choice and define the reasons why people would want to work for you. 



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and Perfection.


from Genius.

The ATS that thinks of everything.

Just one licence fee and there you have it! A total recruitment suite at your fingertips. Create everything from beautiful on-brand job descriptions, agency and job board management, talent pooling, onboarding and seamless integration with your HR system. Everything in one easy to use solution that make recruitment not just a cinch - but also a phenomenal success.



from Genius.

The ATS for SME's who are thinking bigger than Corporates.

Maybe you've thought that the brilliant recruitment functionality an ATS can bring to your business is totally out of reach cost-wise. If your recruiting less than 30 people a month, Start from Genius is for you.

Start has everything our Enterprise ATS contains - App based recruitment, Beautiful info-rich job descriptions, mobile recruitment, Video interviewing, full Talent Management, psychometric evaluation, drag and drop interface, onboarding included, unlimited users - but with one small difference. With one small annual licence, ATS use is charged per vacancy. £75 per 4 week exposure - and then unlimited vacancy management.

GeniusATS is out of the box, fully integrated with your website and ready to go. We built start to give your business the start it needs. Once we've helped you grow and you're ready for Enterprise, cap your future recruitment costs with unlimited vacancies for a fixed annual cost.

Start recruiting with ease.


CX and UI Champions.

CX (Candidate experience) design-led development that creates a huge impression with your candidates and your team. We create solutions that people love to use, shortening the application process, perfecting the employer brand and making it accessible for everyone. We have always created systems that people want to use - intuitive, information-rich, simple and aesthetic in every way. Technology at its finest.


Cutting edge Ai development.

Genius Group Ai Lab is instrumental in bringing forward true machine-learning Ai into the recruitment process. These innovative algorithms, created over two years by the Genius R&D team has huge potential to enhance the recruitment processes, speed up decision-making and remove micro-bias from all recruitment decisions. For any organisation who has D&I foremost in its agenda, or simply fed-up of having to process huge volumes of response Ai is a must-have.

Start with an amazing website.

Engagement and storytelling should be central to your candidate policy. This is the place where you can platform your brand and provide a space that employees can call their own - tell their story. This space needs to be developed to its full potential by a team who specialise in career websites, digital engagement and have won awards for their unique approach to creating incredible pieces of web design and CX that push the boundaries of what is possible.


Freely connecting talent with employers.

Job boards and recruitment agencies cost UK employers £32 Billion in 2019. NexJob is about to change all that forever with the first global, free-to-use job board. Easy to use, content-rich and with a host of features you won’t find in any other Job App, NexJob is currently featuring 80,000+ jobs daily.

Its connectivity with Genius Group products unlocks a range of additional functionality such as one click apply, video interviewing, full candidate management within the app and push notifications.


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