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New careers website and ATS puts Homes England top of Government Agencies.

By Russell Dalton

Homes England, the innovative Government Agency responsible for affordable housing in England has taken a decisive step forward in developing a candidate attraction and management initiative that will help position their employer brand to prospective candidates; and a major step forward in diversity - adopting a radical candidate management tool, with true AI - to provide impartial, non-biased and anonymised selection of all future candidates.


The entire candidate journey has been developed by Genius Group, Candidate Management Specialists, who have developed the content-rich website and integrated their highly successful ATS (Applicant Tracking System) into the journey.


“The system doesn’t care about colour, gender, age or any of the micro-biases that people always subliminally make, over candidate selection. It looks at skills, tenure and a host of other intelligent parameters to sift through hundreds of candidates and deliver only the right individual for the job. It is truly inclusive in every way”.


Reportedly the easiest to use, most comprehensive and advanced candidate management tool in the World, GeniusATS includes key features such as video interviewing (a huge benefit during Covid-19), psychometric testing, drag and drop processing, designer reporting and of course - full candidate anonymisation. Genius ATS also comes with it own app             - for quick apply, a FREE job board and includes onboarding as standard, managing the all the induction paperwork from the back-end solution.


Unlike other .Gov pathways, Homes England want to promote themselves as the employer of choice and capture talent from a huge number of commercial sector arenas. This website is designed to inspire diversity, create a long-term talent stream and promote the work Homes England is doing to attract a new generation of employees.


“We’d love to see more government agencies take such a brave step towards promoting their employer credentials and placing D&I at the top of their recruitment agenda. Homes England have been so innovative and are a brilliant client to work with. It’s so refreshing to see a government agency putting these issues at the core of their recruitment policy.”


You can see the website in it’s pre-launch ‘home’ at: