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An incredible journey 72 years in the making.

By Russell Dalton

Now, at your fingertips, you can recruit, manage, onboard and appoint faster, seamlessly, more cost-effectively and better than ever before.


Using Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust - one of the UK’s largest and most challenging trusts as a three year test platform, NHS.Work has digitised and streamlined the entire candidate journey into a highly effective digital package.


Refined and defined for wider use, NHS.Work will demonstrate the entire end to end, mobile and app based journey from a candidate and user perspective.


Users who are familiar with the NHS and third party provider ATS, will be astonished how advanced and complete this new solution is. The ATS is a thing of the past. This is a TRS: A Total Recruitment Solution and it encompasses the entire candidate experience and beyond:


  • Integral FREE Job Board
  • App and Mobile-centric technology
  • Talent Management and Searching
  • Full Candidate Management
  • Onboarding
  • ESR integration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Employee Data Passport 
  • Exit Management


Give your Trust or healthcare organisation a head start in recruitment and retention. Never have resourcing and staff numbers been so paramount on the NHS agenda. This product is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the NHS in this time of need and beyond. Advanced, supported, available and proven for one of the UK’s largest Trusts.


Get an advanced preview of NHS.Work.

Showcase - Attraction and Engagement with Re:Public


Our sister organisation Re:Public will be at the event showcasing Employer Branding and recruitment communication strategies that will help define your attraction strategy, position your brand and assist you in developing a long term relationship with your talent pipeline.


With the NHS.Work TRS in place, Re:Public will help you engage and become the employer of choice with your target audience, keeping a stream of talent that will meet your requirements and define your employer brand for a new generation.