First Impressions Count.

You’ve found the perfect employee, spent thousands on advertising, agencies, internal management time, interviews and internal process, to get to this point. Only you know that for the next month there is the potential for counter-offers, cold feet, no-shows and dis-engagement. Not to mention the cost of all that contractural mail, forms that need signing and returning, compliance and readiness for payroll. Mountains of paperwork - postage costs, getting forms back and internal time.


The most essential part of the Candidate Journey.

Did you know on average, 22% of Employees are ‘lost’ in the first 45 days? Think about the cost to the business? The disruption time. The logistics of going back to the start of the recruitment process.

DayOne can reduce attrition by 50%*. It’s a comprehensive branding and communication resource that immerses the candidate in an Onboarding process that brings them closer to your business, so they understand and resonate with your vision and values. It engages with all your e-learning and brand immersion and it also manages every aspect of the contractural process with e-signing, form creation, document transfer and library.

In short, it’s probably the most crucial yet overlooked part of your recruitment process. And it’s now managed with one beautifully branded, comprehensive and powerful tool. DayOne. Your complete onboarding solution.

*DayOne Client Feedback Reports

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is arguably the most crucial stage of the recruitment journey

Onboarding is the culmination of the recruitment process. The immersive bit, part job sell, part induction, part contractual. It sets the tone for the following years and has a massive part to play in the commitment of the new starter and their vocational wellbeing. Done properly, it has a significant effect on the success of the business, the team they will be joining, their productivity and can save not just time, but huge amounts of money and credibility. 

Day-One ticks every box. An amazing candidate journey, full contractual control, line management interaction and a dedicated app with push notifications and tools.


...of employees leave within the first 45 days


...of employee’s leave a job after a disastrous first day


...of employee’s leave within the first 3 years


...of employee’s that are effectively onboarded are more likely to be with the company 3 years later

What can Day-One achieve?

Onboarding starts before the employee has even resigned from their previous role.

It immerses the new starter in the culture, vision and values of the new organisation.

It allows the line manager to prepare, chat, buddy and supervise the process perfectly.

It answers all the questions the appointee has and reassures them that they have made the right choice.

It educates, acts as an employer brand ambassador and prepares them for the role ahead.

It gives them passion for the business and the role.

It empowers them to do the job and makes them feel respected and considered.

It simplifies the contractural process by allowing them to see and sign their offer, contract and any supporting materials online.

And it’s a huge online resource, a wealth of information they can use to feel empowered and ready to make their mark.

How Day-One works?

There is no more comprehensive way to bring people into the business than Day-One. Activated by your ATS, manually or any predetermined trigger, candidates can access Day-One as soon as you're ready. Tell them to log-on at offer stage, or send them an email or text. All they have to do is go online or download the app and their bespoke onboarding experience is waiting for them.

Practical, inspiring, accessible

Day-One is a cloud-based online solution and dedicated app. It combines a very powerful content delivery engine, with a branded website journey that delivers a personalised message. There is no better way of delivering a message to new starters than with Day-One. It manages all the contractural content with ease, using eSignatures, flexible form creation and payroll integration. It immerses new starters with your employer brand, helps them understand your culture, vision and values and gives them the resources and knowledge to play an integral role, from day one.

Take them on a journey

The unique journey we create for you is every bit a part of the whole online employer branding experience that your career website set out to create. The journey element of the Day-One solution is a website, a personal one, a story, a persuasive digital message that tells more about what to expect, the vision and values of your organisation, what it means to work there, often supported by welcome videos from the team and senior management.

Manage all transactional items

Welcome to a world of ‘Packs’ and ‘Libraries’. A pack is personal and individual to the employee - it contains all the very individual and minutiae of information that is personal to their employment.

Typically, the offer, the contract, anything that is individual to their employment. The library is usually universal information or governed by grade. It’s  information that is open source and available to a group. Not personalised in the way an offer would be, but it might be personal to a group of individuals.

Day-One allows you to control the delivery of both so that the information is tailored, grouped, delivered personally and securely. 

Day-One has a content delivery system that has been developed to allow you to design and create packs and deliver library’s with ease. Powerful, easy to use and very secure - it manages every and any onboarding data with ease.

Get line managers and buddies involved

Line manager's and buddies play a vital role in successful onboarding. Day-One incorporates a separate line manager portal that helps line managers play their part with the development of tasks and messaging. At a glance line managers can keep up to date with their cohort of onboarders, track progress, interact and encourage.

Solution Features:

Lifespan coverage

With 86% of sites now accessed by a mobile device, it makes complete sense that Day-One also comes as an app’ - a free download from iTunes and Android on Google Play. You can experience the whole onboarding message on your mobile or tablet, wherever you are! Our software engineers developed the app to assist with another challenge; eSigning contractual occupants is the way forward, but employees also want access to these years from now, without having to printout the originals. The app allows permanent storage of all your documents, contract, offer, plus access to the entire the library, not to mention the journey.

Great user interface

Day-One has re-engineered the entire onboarding journey to achieve a milestone in user experience. Content rich, immersive and with huge attention to detail, both the journey and transactional detail promotes your employer brand perfectly, greatly reduces attrition and brings them into the fold with a unique user experience.

Full content management

The ability to change content on an individual basis or across full groups, will appeal to all styles of recruitment. From the uploading of contractural and signatory documents, to the management of library information - handbooks, employee benefits, packs and guides; you have full control of all content within the system, automating delivery and tailoring the data available to each new starter.


Day-One personalises the entire onboarding experience, welcoming users by name, allowing chats with line management, colleagues and delivering a level of personalised content that no other solution can offer. The data ‘merge’ abilities of the solution allow you to personalise documentation - all documents and establish an intimate rapport with your starter from the word go.


Imagine never having to print or update the printing of any and all your employee information. From staff handbooks, to pension documents, policies and notices. Everything, available in one place, personalised and accessed by grade and updated at a stroke. The library offers unique access to every employee, eliminates printing costs and provides a big tick for your environmental policy.

Counting down the days

The day counter on the journey website is a popular feature. It counts down the colleague to start date changing messages closer to day one. After start, the counter disappears and a colleague welcome message takes over.

Forever access

With the Day-One app, your colleagues have ‘Forever access’ of all their contractural and library information through their smartphone. It also means that for updates, revisions and amendments to all contractural documents, the acknowledgement of these and acceptance - can all be completed online or through a smartphone.

AI risk assessment and alerts

Like having your own ‘sixth sense’ - the AI robot within Day-One monitors new starter behaviour patterns and responses to calculate the likelihood that attrition will occur and grades individuals accordingly. This gives you ample time to decide an appropriate course of action and potentially bring any wayward starters back into the fold.

Personalise things your way

We have ‘template’ journeys for those who want a very straight forward message. But for those who want to create a welcome without equal, a site that engages, informs, educates and provides a compelling platform for the onboarding experience - this is where Day-One comes into its own. Our award winning team of designers and developers will create a website and a journey that will add enormous value to the onboarding process.

Return Documents

Returning documents such as right to work or any other employee uploads are held within the return document folder and can be forward into your HR system or any document storage facility.


Reminders are one of the reasons to have an automated onboarding process. Reminders ensure that new starters finish tasks and return signed documents promptly. Day-One has easy to use reminder settings for every document. Set the frequency, message and delivery method Reminders and the entire process is automated. This links in very closely with the AI of the system that will help establish potential risk candidates.


Naturally, an onboarding process needs to have the appointee agree and sign pack documents. Our acknowledgement process encourages eSigning and fully records the process in the candidate audit.

Create forms

Often a simple (or complex) form is required. Either a checklist or data entry. Day-One has its own form-builder that allows for formats be created and used within a pack.

Online mentoring and chat

Support, mentoring and monitoring or simply buddy chat is essential to ensure that on-boarders feel there is a human to relate to. Once again, Day-One excels in this area by allowing line managers to mentor, chat-to and connect with new starters.

Line Management portal

Line Managers can not only chat with the new starters, but the Day-One system also has a line management portal that allows for supervision of completed actions, e-learning and events. The system encourages supervision and mentoring helping build a bond between line manager and the team fostering encouragement and one to one rapport.


You can open up the Day-One solution to more than line management contact and create buddying channels for existing colleagues to chat with new starters, bond and make friends.

Refer a friend

What better time to refer a friend than when a new starter is working their notice? Clients have enjoyed significant returns in candidate referral in this brief time when they have access to talent and are only too willing to promote you to their colleagues. Day-One can build this into the journey or even a more structured process within form-builder.

Full employee access

The terrific benefits of Day-One can be extended to all employees - especially the App. Turn your entire portfolio of employee materials into a paperless, updatable and convenient online resource.

Fully connected

Day-One is designed to connect with and complement other online solutions. Many clients are preferring to go for ‘best in class’ software for every touchpoint on the candidate journey. Systems talk to one another via API quite readily and provided your ATS and HR solution have API links, we can ensures that the entire process is seamless.

Connect with your:

HR Solution




Social Media

Line Managers



Packed with technology

Future-proof your candidate journey.

Full employee lifecycle

Update and notify. Forever.

Push notifications & updates

With easy push notifications and updates, changes to employee documentation, contractural arrangements and agreement can be made quickly and instantly notified to all employees. Simply updating documents within the library or pack areas will trigger an instant push to all employees and will manage the e-signing, uptake and reminder, like all onboarding materials.