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Genius Group are specialists in recruitment software for every touchpoint on the candidate journey. We work for employers who believe that candidate experience should be a cornerstone of the strategy to be seen and known as an employer of choice.

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Team Genius. 

For every job you advertise, the vast majority of people who apply or see your career website will possibly never work for you. Their experience is as vital as ambassadors of your employer brand. We look at every project from a perspective of usability, uniqueness and diversity, enriching the process of finding and applying for that perfect job.

Genius Group started the process in 2009. We are one of the largest digital specialists in the employment market and moreover we are part of a much larger consortium of recruitment, branding and research specialists who believe in the same ethos. We have won many awards for our work and continue to invest in our own talent, building a team of specialists and like-minded professionals who feel passionate about creating digital magic for candidates and employers. 

Our Vision and Values


No other digital provider has the level of expertise to be found within the four walls at Genius Group. Expertise means everything we produce works beautifully and remains unique. We will continue to attract, recruit and retain individuals that are the best in their respective fields and who add value to the team and our way of working.

User Experience

The end-user is king and our primary focus. We design and develop to enhance the user experience and create the best digital products on the face of the earth.


We’re always curious about new ideas, new technologies, new ways of working. Our open minded approach allows us to innovate and push new boundaries in what is possible.

Keep it simple

We look at everything over and over again - and distill it back to the easiest way of working for the user. Simple is always best. Simple works for everyone.


We’re honest in our working relationships with our clients and each other, we’re honest about the limits of our technology, about pricing and deadlines. We have the courage to say when we’re wrong and own our mistakes as well as we celebrate our victories.

Diversity & Equality.

Culture is crucial to our make up. As you’d expect with a name like ‘Genius’ Group - we value brilliant minds. What’s on the outside, is therefore entirely inconsequential to our organisation. We provide a remarkable working environment free from prejudice. Whatever your society ‘label’, that has absolutely no place here. You will be welcome for whatever passion and skill you can bring to Genius and every diverse addition to our team provides another facet to our expertise.


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