By Russell Dalton

2 minutes


Supporting Pride Month - now and beyond.

If D&I is on your agenda then you to need to make sure your ATS is working just as hard to attract diversity as any other part of your recruitment brand.

How about including videos in the job description that champion the diversity in your organisation? How about supporting images and testimonials from a broad spectrum workforce? How about downloads in the job description that address diversity and positive steps your company is making towards championing and more inclusive workforce? All these count for huge amounts, when it comes to positioning your brand as a great choice for EVERY candidate.

And that's only part of what's on offer when you select GeniusATS... With all this positive attraction material, you need to ensure that your system can offer a fair, unbiased and supportive selection process. Core to this is our full data anonymisation. It means that key parts of the data are hidden from view - such as name, location and anything else that could foster discrimination.

We haven't overlooked a thing in our ATS. So you don't overlook a great candidate.