Employer Branding

Developing a personality for your most valuable resource.

An Employer Brand is a key business asset. Developed correctly and implemented with skill, it can give your business a real persona to prospective employees, position you as an employer of choice and define the reasons why candidates love your people brand.

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Insight lead employer brand for the leading global consultancy. Developed through intensive research and collaboration.

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Digital employer brand for the innovative and popular travel business. Full EVP and evaluation for all flight and non flight roles.

Steps to success...


A research and information gathering exercise, distilling why you are a great place to work, whilst ensuring that information is both positive and negative, balanced and thorough. Too many instances of Employer Brands involve internal research on existing teams alone. These are unlikely to give you ‘honest’ and focused research. We nearly always canvas external perceptions as well - qualitative research that gives a broader and more unbiased view of you as an employer. We have our own research teams within our Group. Experienced and qualified professionals that deliver outstanding qualitative and quantitive results with professional reporting.

Analysis & Data Interpretation

Analysis of the data is where the majority of Employer Brand projects fall down. It’s crucial to look at the information with an impartial and objective eye. Often overlooked aspects to your brand personality can reveal core themes that make you unique, different and attractive to potential candidates.


EVP is not always an essential component of the Employer Brand. Often there are several reasons or some undefinable quality about a brand that cannot be summarised. We are asked about EVP, and develop them a lot. But good interpretation of the research data allows a more holistic viewpoint of a creative strategy and exclusive branding.


A good Employer Brand uses storytelling. Storytelling is what candidate engagement is all about. It reduces bounce rate from your website, increases interest and gives your brand narrative and purpose. Our creative teams are experts in developing branding that has real narrative in it.


Our team of conceptualisers, designers and copywriters work exclusively in talent comms, creating distinctive brands. We’ve won many awards for our work. What we do best is developing messages that encapsulate the ‘uniqueness’ of the organisation, translate this into effective creative concepts that are engaging, memorable and different.

Employer branding in a post COVID-19 landscape.

Emerging from the shadow of COVID-19 employers are recognising that the relationship they have with their customers, suppliers, employees and crucially candidates, has changed irrevocably. The employer brand that employers went into the pandemic with, is not the one that mirrors their current persona.

This useful guide will help talke you through the steps of developing an employer brand that helps you develop a potent, considerate and effective candidate proposition.