Innovation doesn’t stop with the products.

Our reputation for innovation doesn’t stop with the products. Our delivery and support teams are responsible for perfecting the process of roll-out into a uniquely simple one: Client-mapping our products, seamless integration, handover and constant support. We keep things simple and pragmatic, ensuring that you are delighted with your purchase and we retain you as a valued Client for many years to come. 


System Flexibility.

Except for websites, all our innovative products are SaaS. When developing products we try to include as many content managed flexible services for you to personalise the experience and dovetail into your existing processes. The team will run through with you the areas you can personalise and the new features you can expect. 

With any new solution there may be compromises where legacy and older working practices or offline processes can’t be accommodated. The value of having a dedicated project manager overseeing your implementation, means their experience can help you create workarounds and modernise your workflow to ensure that you take advantage of all the features we offer.

Project Methodology & Implementation

We develop all our software using Agile development process. But what does that mean? 

A good starting point is to outline the Agile manifesto - a declaration for the values and principles expressed in agile methodology. Made up for four foundational values and 12 key principles, it aims to help uncover better ways of developing software by providing a clear and measurable structure that promotes iterative development, team collaboration, and change recognition.

The values and principles of the ‘Manifesto for Agile Software Development’ are:


• Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
• Working software over comprehensive documentation
• Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
• Responding to change over following a plan


• Customer satisfaction through early and continuous software delivery
• Accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process
• Frequent delivery of working software
• Collaboration between the business stakeholders and developers throughout the project
• Support, trust, and motivate the people involved
• Enable face-to-face interactions
• Working software is the primary measure of progress
• Agile processes to support a consistent development pace
• Attention to technical detail and design enhances agility
• Simplicity
• Self-organizing teams encourage great architectures, requirements, and designs
• Regular reflections on how to become more effective

Those who apply any type of agile methodology adhere to these values and principles. The manifesto offers a good overview of what is expected when it comes to the agile development life cycle practices.

Applied agile project management.

So what is Agile project management? 

Agile project management is a methodology that is commonly used to deliver complex projects due to its adaptiveness. It emphasises collaboration, flexibility, continuous improvement, and high quality results. It aims to be clear and measurable by using six main “deliverables” to track progress and create the product.

The deliverables

• Product vision statement: A summary that articulates the goals for the product.
• Product roadmap: The high-level view of the requirements needed to achieve the product vision.
• Product backlog: Ordered by priority, this is the full list of what is needed to be done to complete your project.
• Release plan: A timetable for the release of a working product.
• Sprint backlog: The user stories (requirements), goals, and tasks linked to the current sprint.
• Increment: The working product functionality that is presented to the stakeholders at the end of the sprint, and could potentially be given to the customer.

There are various frameworks within agile project management that can be used to develop and deliver a product or service. While they each have their own set of characteristics and terminology, they share common principles and practices.

Two of the most popular ones that support the agile development life cycle are Scrum and Kanban. We use both at Genus Group in the development of a project for every Client.


Our products are designed to work with all modern software products and compliment the recruitment process you have in place. Our integration specialists have pioneered pathways with the world’s leading systems to create seamless API integrations:

Payroll solutions

Job Boards

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Reporting packages


Psychometric and Testing

Project management.

Our project managers are all Prince II qualified professionals with extensive project experience. Many specialise by sector and can bring key levels of expertise to the table, enhancing your own project effectiveness. Project managers oversee the project to a successful conclusion and then release the product to you and the Account Management team for ongoing support.

Account management.

Genius Account Managers work with existing clients to maximise the effectiveness of every Genius Group solution. It’s a partnership designed to ensure that you are confident with your solution, maximise the effectiveness of your software and adds huge value to your purchase. 

Service packages.

Tell the world about what a great employer you are! Use the huge effectiveness of SEO, pay per click and social to maximise your online presence. We offer a range of packages to support products that give you key monthly reports using advanced deep analysis apps that give you insight into competitor activity, audience analysis, advertising support and content refresh.

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Every Genius Group product is fully supported. Our Account Management teams are available to help you get the most out of your product and discuss any future requirements. Contact us on:

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