Career Websites

Attract. Engage.
Inform. Impress.

Creating gorgeous, compelling and perfected storytelling journeys, developed with key insight research that perfect your employer brand and deliver content-rich and engaging messages that propel your position as an employer of choice.


Give your organisation the site it deserves.

The most important asset every business has - is the people who work for you. You owe it to your team to give them their own space and voice. A place where you can set out just why you’re an amazing place to work and how others can connect and join you. It’s the 21st Century equivalent of the ‘shop window’. A place where you can educate and inform, engage and story tell, define your employer brand and convert.

Genius Group is behind some of the most popular and recognisable career websites you’ve seen. We proudly connect through our sites with over 27 million job seekers every year.

Nobody understands the market better or has the resources and innovation to bring your employer brand to life digitally.

Research and evaluation.

Some websites are created through instinct and radical innovation - others are developed through research and insight. For those requiring a deep insight into your audience and proportion we have our own dedicated research arm with resources that comb the qualitative aspects of your business, developing a full report with conclusions that helps define the creative work and media channels to maximise your opportunities to reach out to a new audience.

We use a number of unique quantitive tools such as Semrush and GA to analyse your audience and that of your competitors. We also have our own telephone research team who conduct market research that draws key insights and anecdotal evidence from a cross section of your audience profile.

Finishing touches...

Using technology productively...

Integral to storytelling we often put engagement pieces into career sites to enhance the user experience. We were one of the pioneers of interactive Situational Judgement Tests, Video, Chatbots and Augmented Reality. These aren’t just novelties. When used appropriately and integral to the site design, these help reduce bounce rate, enhance site referrals, educate and engage on new levels with potential talent. Ask us to show you examples of these in action.


Every site we create is unique. We don’t replicate, re-use, copy or duplicate. It means that if you chose us to develop your site we will always start from scratch and innovate to deliver a design and functionality that is truly singular. You deserve a message that differentiates you from every other employer in your sector and something that resonates immediately with your audience, inspiring, informing and educating. Storytelling at its finest.


Assets make a site. Photography that is captivating and rich. Video that is compelling and broadcast quality. Illustrations and 3D CGI that breaks convention. These are the building blocks of every project that intimate the quality of what you have achieved and tell the story of your organisation and people effectively. We use a host of award winning photographers, video professionals and illustrators who have huge amounts of experience in people-focused work and who can bring your product and workplace to life. Never underestimate the importance of assets in the development of an award-winning career website.

Execution and UX...

User Experience (UX) should be core to everything a great site should be. This is not just about design, it’s about the number of clicks it takes to get to jobs, the navigation, copy, how the site makes the user feel and their lasting impression. UX is concerned with the movement and flow of the user - it’s as much a science as it is an art. We’re passionate advocates of UX and every site is mapped out to provide the optimum User Experience. We’ll take you through this as we design, navigate and build your site, enhancing the impact and helping you to achieve an optimum feel good factor for your organisation and the roles you offer.


Some sites require a CMS (Content Management System) and we have a number of platforms that we commonly use to help you manage updates, blogging and rich content from your own white label control panel. A good CMS requires little training to understand and use and all are highly secure. Our Project Managers will take you through the basics of site management and then you can manage updates, rich content and information from your desktop.


We’re a solutions business, so integrating your website with a number of third party systems is a straightforward process for us. Our integrations team can help you connect with job sites, social media feeds, ATS and any other solution that has an integration pathway. 


Many clients have their own preferred hosting provider and we can prepare and support the site to be hosted with your chosen host. When you require us to organise hosting we have long-standing relationships with two of the world’s most trusted hosting platforms: Microsoft Azure and Amazon CDN. Both offer not only the security and support you would expect from such reliable hosts, but also the speed you need to ensure that load times are fully optimised.