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The ATS.
That isn’t an ATS.

Why get an Applicant Tracking System, when you can manage the entire candidate journey with a Total Recruitment System? Welcome to the age of the TRS. A solution that manages everything from attraction and engagement, through to onboarding and beyond. A single system, modular, packed with functionality and features that controls your entire talent pipeline with ease. 


Introducing the TRS.
The ATS re-defined.

Genius TRS is a game-changing software innovation that does so much more than a traditional ATS. We’ve combined all our market-leading products into a broad-spectrum recruitment platform that helps clients manage every aspect of the recruitment process - from attraction, through to onboarding and direct integration with payroll.

TRS is Total Recruitment Solution. It’s a new way of looking at a fully connected recruitment journey that manages fully the entire process comprehensively, creating pipelines of engaged talent that can be managed properly, enhancing your brand and optimising the recruitment process.

Not only is this the most comprehensive and powerful recruitment software in the world, it’s a huge step forward in usability - a re-design from the ground-up in how candidates are managed, assessed and engaged with.

Fully modular - use only the parts that you need...

Not every business recruits the same way. GeniusTRS is a huge leap forward in modular design, offering recruiters to use only the parts that are relevant and allowing huge levels of collaboration and engagement with hiring managers and candidates. With it’s clear design, innovative drag and drop functionality and every feature you could wish for in an ATS or onboarding solution, GeniusTRS offers so much more for less.

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Talent & Attraction.

NexJob - Appsolutely everything you need in a talent solution

Fully connected to the most innovative recruitment product in the world - NexJob, you now have a FREE job board, attraction tool and an application app - all at your fingertips. Every job you advertise on your career site through the TRS is automatically posted on NexJob. With it’s content-rich job description, video support, endorsement sections and skills bars, you can make job descriptions more compelling and information-rich than ever before. 

NexJob allows you to share a more intimate relationship with your target audience than any other solution before. Speeding up the resourcing process and hugely improve your productivity.

Talent Search

Every Candidate that downloads and uses NexJob becomes available talent. Unlike other social based talent platforms, NexJob users are actively looking for work. This means a constant 100% active database of potentially millions of people looking for work. Search by current employer, job title or distance to find thousands of potentially talented individuals. Use push notifications to gain instant feedback or alert talent immediately about a new role, without the ‘issues’ of email. 

Full Candidate Management.

Imagine every feature you’ve ever wanted in an ATS - and then re-invent some more! The Candidate Management part of the GeniusTRS is reason alone to consider upgrading your resourcing solution. So easy to use, harnessing the power of AI and with hugely data-rich insights, you can manage, select and appoint with ease. This is the future of Candidate Management.

Move your candidates like never before.

Move your candidates like never before.

The intuitive drag and drop feature in the GeniusTRS means you can manage your entire candidate portfolio with ease, move candidates to stages, build your own individual workflows and control the entire role landscape.

GeniusTRS works exactly the way you do. You want a candidate to be taken through to first interview? Simply pick up the candidate tile and move to first interview column. GeniusTRS intuitively knows that the candidate needs to be booked-in, sent a reminder and presents all the information to you for distribution. You can assign almost any task or action to a workflow column, including costs - so you can get proper, in-depth cost analysis for every vacancy you post. 

Stack, sort and sift at speed, GeniusTRS is designed to make candidate management an art. The most enjoyable experience in hugely rewarding resourcing process.

Deep Data Insights

True AI supporting your decision making.

True AI supporting your decision making.
The smartest new member of your resourcing team!

GeniusTRS has advanced machine learning algorithms (true AI) built into the selection process. Simply pick your AI primers. The system does the rest. Not only selecting the best individuals for the role based on practical data, but also referencing trends, applied learning markers and behaviours to suggest candidates that are likely to work for you.  

…And it keeps on learning! The more you use the system, the more it learns, evolves and evaluates - delivering the best quality, in impressive quantity.

Created to generate response.

Incredible mobile-focused User Experience.

Most ATS’s fall short on what should be the most important part of the process - candidate experience. Getting only the best candidates to apply - and making their application swift, intuitive, content-rich and rewarding. A TRS goes one stage further.

We’ve extensively researched, developed and perfected the process of applying-for and managing every job application. We’ve reduced the average time it takes a candidate to apply on a mobile from 17 minutes… to seconds! Candidates can enhance their profile with information that no CV can provide. SJTs give you psychometric-level insights into how candidates will perform in-role and every job description is beautifully branded.

This doesn’t feel like a job application, it feels like you’re partnering with a great employer.

The ATS with an opinion.

Big picture data and moods give you a deeper insight.

The first ATS to measure attrition and apathy. GeniusTRS looks at how long candidates have remained in-role to give you an idea of how ‘stickable’ they are likely to be if you appoint them. It also measures response rates, sensing how long candidates are taking to respond to messages, providing you with an insight into keen interest or apathy. These nuggets of data are represented in system mood colours - an easy guide to how the system ‘feels’ about the candidate. Just another opinion you can rely on to make the best candidate judgements for your business.

Go talent spotting.

Full talent management and active talent pools.

Millions of jobseekers are registered on GeniusTRS. Every one searchable by skills, employer and location. The most comprehensive talent database of active jobseekers anywhere. Simply enter your target location, a town, postcode, radius - or even draw a map! Then add boolean terms for the role, employers or qualities you’re looking to target. Contact your talent target list by phone, email, message, sms or even push notification and then feed the candidate directly into the a job or create a new talent pool. 

With our unique active talent pools you have the most dedicated resource on the planet working for you. Watching tirelessly 24/7 for the talent set you’re looking for, selecting and creating pools from new registrations to find matches for skills, employers and locations. Every time you log in, GeniusTRS alerts you to the candidates found. Smart searching made effortless with GeniusTRS.

Report on everything and anything, anywhere, anytime!

Comprehensive chart or CSV reporting.
Both scheduled and bespoke.

Reporting should be powerful, straightforward and bespoke. Simply highlight the elements you want to report on, request the timeline and specify your output choice. Bar, line, doughnut chart or CSV are among the many, many data rich outputs you can have. 

You can even cross compare reporting from sources such as Google Analytics, opening up a new world in information and data analysis for your resourcing. Not to mention bookmarked reports that mean all you have to do, is simply enter a new date range. 

You want reports every Monday morning with preset metrics? No problem. Report scheduler will issue these into your inbox on-time, every week with key insights data that will help you understand your resourcing landscape like no other.

Open up your world, one function at a time.

Incredible fine tuning for User Settings/Line Management Portal.

Bring every system setting - every visible part of the system under your control with individual toggle user settings. Create a line management portal, a recruiter group, a superuser with every bit of fine tuning you need to give your team and even wider users, pinpoint control. 

Simply create your group, allow that group to share access and switch on functionality. As many as you like, configured how you like. This is freedom to make the system your own fit for your business and your team.

Why stop with appointed?

Full onboarding toolkit included.

Create offers, make contracts, send materials, receive materials, e-sign, all fully branded and part of the ultimate welcome pack. Send your onboarding pack through NexJob and you can also use push notifications and messaging to perfect the welcome experience. 

Say the right thing.
Write the said thing.

Built-in Interview toolkit. Create interview scripts. Use them with ease. Time the process. 

GeniusTRS now incorporates one of our most popular products - interview scheduler. Design, publish and complete interviews that are created for the role, area or business. Ensuring that every candidate on your interview list is asked the right question and the response accurately noted.  

Perfect for telephone interviews or tablet, where you can type the response. You can even print the interview out and complete by hand, then upload to the candidate record. When you’re not there, you can be sure that the right thing is asked and the data duly recorded. 

There’s even a timer to ensure that every interview is given the right amount of time and consideration. Look professional. Work professionally. With the GeniusTRS Interview Toolkit.

Taking assessment up a tick.

Knockouts, freetext, SJTs and Psychometric.
Built-in. Go deeper.

Why pay for unbranded external testing, when you can create a bank of situational judgement tests, verbal and numeric tests - even psychometric evaluation into the recruitment journey - easily and professionally using the GeniusTRS toolkit? 

GeniusTRS comes with a full suite of testing from knock-out questions to free text, plus a myriad of configurable testing pathways including multiple choice and scoring linked response, giving you a better and deeper insight into the candidate. 

Create workplace scenarios, test for customer interaction, challenge jobseekers to engage in real world scenarios that will give you a deeper understanding of how each individual will perform in the role. Candidate scoring is brilliantly easy to read with percentages and grading bars that can be used in conjunction with AI profiling or auto reject. 

Rate, evaluate and compare with free and comprehensive testing in GeniusATS.

It’s all about the brand.

Every part of the system is designed to make you, the job, working here, amazing.

An incredible candidate journey means everyone looks favourably on your employer brand. We’ve engineered the smartest, swiftest and most easy to navigate candidate experience of any application process. Information that is content-rich and dynamic, detail that makes data input a joy and engagement that is off the charts. This is the solution that forms the cornerstone of your brand experience, perfecting a seamless candidate journey and leaving even rejected applicants wanting more. And why stop there? GeniusTRS is configurable into any brand within your wider business meaning a system that can match your appetite for expansion.  

Take it global. With over 74 language options and fully configurable application processes, whether it’s candidates using their native tongue or your office in Beijing, GeniusATS will translate, convert and open a word of possibilities to your resourcing team.

Future-proof your resourcing.

Connects to everything. Cloud updatable. Built around mobile. App focused. Web busting. 

A revolution in candidate engagement. This ATS is fully modular, flexible and connectable to any HR solution, any careers website, every job board. And that’s just the conventional approach. Cloud-based, GeniusTRS is constantly updated to keep pace with technology and future-proof your resourcing landscape. With integrated app, its own job board and direct candidate engagement, who needs the web anymore? Your relationship with productive talent just got a whole lot closer. 

Don’t look for an ATS - set your sights on a TRS. 

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