Over the past ten years, GeniusGroup has assembled the most unique team of specialists in you'll find in digital resourcing. A full development team, social media and integration professionals, web designers, app developers, web copy specialists, project managers, security, account managers and support teams.


Buzzing with ideas, thriving on the potential to make every web opportunity a success, we've brought our passion for engagement, delivery and creativity into every facet of the Candidate journey.


We produce amazing websites, have GeniusATS, our ATS that is re-shaping candidate management and the talent roadmap and GeniusOnboarding, our onboarding solution that keeps talented recruits on-target to start, fully informed, prepared, inducted and connected.

Award winning website development, SEO and digital resourcing strategies.

Award winning website development, SEO and digital resourcing strategies.

Incredibly innovative candidate and talent management solution.

World leading online and app-based onboarding solution.

World leading online and app-based onboarding solution.

User experience means everything.

We live in a digital world. The sheer volume of websites, social and digital media means your message has to compete harder than ever, to be seen and to work. It sounds common sense, but it's little applied. Usability has to be top of the agenda when it comes to creating a site or a solution. From the moment a candidate lands, what is presented must be engaging, unique, work effectively and enrich the user experience.


Known as UE or UX, it forms the root of every piece of work we do at GeniusGroup. You can be sure if we're responsible for developing work for you, that every bit is working to get a response.

Solid coding.

Fully accredited.

We've been delivered for some of the most prolific global brands for ten years. So we've got the art of delivery fully covered. We deliver better, faster and to a higher quality than any solutions provider. Our work is created to ISO27001 standard, using full stack technology and we host on UK-based fully managed platforms. Our products are  regularly pen-tested,  audited and our integrations team haven't found a third party they haven't been able to connect with.


So it's not just a flair for jaw-dropping creative websites that break the mould and win awards. It's underpinned by the kind of coding, security, methodology and technical expertise that will satisfy the most stringent IT and IS departments.

We work for some of the largest clients in the world. We've worked for clients who have practically no budget. We've worked with clients who have moved company and brought us with them. We've worked with clients who initially brought us in to compare our work with their existing agency.


We can make the web work for you.





Our Approach





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No other digital provider has the level of expertise to be found within the four walls at GeniusGroup. Expertise means everything we produce works beautifully and remains unique. We will continue to attract, recruit and retain individuals that are the best in their respective fields and who add value to the team and our way of working.

User Experience

The end-user is king and our primary focus. We design and develop to enhance the user experience and create the best digital products on the face of the earth.


We’re always curious about new ideas, new technologies, new ways of working. Our open minded approach allows us to innovate and push new boundaries in what is possible.

Keep it simple

We look at everything over and over again - and distill it back to the easiest way of working for the user. Simple is always best. Simple works for everyone.



We’re honest in our working relationships with our clients and each other, we’re honest about the limits of our technology, about pricing and deadlines. We have the courage to say when we’re wrong and own our mistakes as well as we celebrate our victories.


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